Arrows on roads for navigating roundabouts

| 10/07/2016

Is there a way to request arrows being painted on the roads just before entering the roundabouts to provide guidance to drivers on how to use them properly?

Auntie’s answer: I am all for giving drivers as much help on the roads as possible, in particular when negotiating roundabouts, since there seems to be too many people for whom that particular exercise poses a definite challenge (see Uncertain about rules of the roundabout).

I put your suggestion to the National Roads Authority (NRA), which is responsible for all manner of road planning and maintenance.

An NRA official explained that they have previously considered using road markings to indicate proper lanes to use in roundabouts. While saying that markings do seem to be a good idea, the representative added there are concerns about doing it, including “the possibility of confusing tourists and some of Cayman’s road users, as well as increased maintenance costs”.  Therefore the NRA chose to use signs instead of painting the roads by the major roundabouts.

But take heart: that doesn’t mean that your suggestion is being dismissed out of hand. The official noted that the NRA could, through the Traffic Management Panel, “possibly conduct a pilot study at one of the roundabouts to test the effectiveness of the road markings” for perhaps a three-to-six-month trial period. The NRA board of directors would have to approve this test run, though.

The official added that the NRA would take your suggestion into “serious consideration”, so you never know what might come of this.


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  1. Annon says:

    Here is a simple but effective signage solution. Positioned in the middle of the roundabout

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is an essential idea not one requiring humming and hawing and focus groups, strategic initiatives etc. Clearly arrowed markings will NOT confuse anyone, residents or tourists, but the present situation is sheer chaos. Maintenance costs would be justified by the decrease in accidents and near accidents and in any case the NRA line markers need regular work to justify their employment; a win/win all around in other words.