Motorised carts at supermarkets

| 13/07/2016

Do local supermarkets have or are they required to have motorised shopping carts?

Auntie’s answer: A government official who deals with access issues said at the moment there is no legal requirement for supermarkets to offer “personal assistive units” to enable disabled customers to shop on their own, but thought that the stores would, on their own initiative, want to ensure accessibility to their customers.

To check that theory, I called round to the major supermarkets to see if they provide motorised shopping carts. I am very happy to report that they do. In the interest of providing as much information as possible and to give credit publicly to the stores, the following supermarkets each keep a motorised cart at their entrance: Hurley’s, Kirk Market, Foster’s Food Fair (The Strand, Airport, Republix and Countryside Shopping Village), Priced Right and Cost-U-Less.

It is nice to know that even though there is no legal mandate to offer these carts (and for now I will refrain from stepping onto that particular soapbox to rail against the continued lack of disability legislation in Cayman), the supermarkets provide this service.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that is a god news for disabled visitors and locals