Cayman company helps baby elephant

| 04/08/2016
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Ngilai (in foreground) with friend Kamok

(CNS): As part of its recently launched “Hand Up” giving initiative, Ronco Cayman has helped to sponsor an orphaned baby elephant in Kenya, which was injured when it fell into a well when it was three weeks old. The company sponsored Ngilai, whose name means “value” in Malay, through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the most successful orphaned elephant rescue-and-rehabilitation programme in the world. Ronco’s help contributed to the care of the now 1-year-old elephant after its accident in early 2015.

Darrell Hines, Ronco managing director, said in a press release that Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the trust, was the first conservationist he ever met. He said he remains inspired by her and it was an easy decision to get involved with the trust’s elephant-conservation efforts.

“These animals need our help and support,” he said. “By supporting them and supporting our environment, we support ourselves. I am honoured to have been involved with Ngilai’s recuperation and integration into the Sheldrick herds.”

Ngilai received many bruises and wounds from his fall, and Ronco’s donation helped with his medical needs, as well as with associated food and shelter costs. The elephant was found by local community members and is now thriving despite his difficult start.

“We will continue to help as much as we are able to in the future,” said Hines. “I hope that Ronco can show Cayman that our reach as a country is great, and that we can touch the lives of many around the world with the simplest of acts.”

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