Cayman’s athletes ready to compete in Rio

| 04/08/2016
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Cayman’s Olympic squad decked in white at the welcoming ceremony in Rio de Janeiro

(CNS): The Cayman Olympic squad has been officially welcomed to the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the start of the Summer Games. Cayman was one of the first countries to participate in the welcoming event that included the raising of the Cayman Islands flag and the playing of Brazil’s national anthem. All countries will take part in the tradition before the start of the Games.

The show started with a tribal dance before moving on to a diverse assortment of Brazilian rhythms, including forró, samba and bossa nova.

Mayor of the Olympic Village, ex-basketball player and two-time Olympic medallist Janeth Arcain, then spoke about the importance of the Games. “Olympic sport signifies a better world, of peace and unity between peoples,” she said. “It’s an enormous pleasure to see this Olympic flag flying in Rio.”

At the opening ceremony of the Games at Rio’s Maracanã Stadium on Friday, 5 August, Greece will lead the parade of 206 athletes, with each nation following in order according to the dominant language of the host city. Cayman will be the 41st country walking into the stadium at an estimated local time of 9:06pm. Brazil will march last.

Swimmer Lara Butler will be the first Cayman athlete to compete, on Saturday, 6 August, when she takes the pool for the 100m backstroke; the following day Geoffrey Butler will compete in the 400m freestyle.

Sailor Florence Allan starts her five days of competition on 8 August. Track athlete Kemar Hyman begins his prelims on 13 August; if he qualifies for the semifinals in the 100m sprint, he will race again the next day. Ronald Forbes, 110m hurdler, starts his Olympic quest 15 August, looking to make the semifinals the following day.

For more information and photos of the Cayman squad at the Olympic Games, go to the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee Facebook page

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