US citizens getting treated at Health City

| 21/08/2016

Can you tell us has Health City Cayman Islands received certification or accreditation to perform procedure on US citizens? When HC opened I believe they said it would be about a year or so. However, I have never seen or heard anything that has said US citizens and/or their insurance providers can use HC facilities for other than emergency services when on island.

Auntie’s answer: I am assuming you mean US citizens who are not residents of the Cayman Islands. In that case, yes, Health City has received Joint Commission International accreditation. An official with the medical facility explained that commission is the “highest global regulatory body for (health) care and medical tourism”.

What that means is US citizens can come to Cayman to get treated at Health City for non-emergency procedures, as long as their health insurance provider agrees. The representative said that the hospital has arrangements with various US insurers and self-insured companies.

But don’t go booking that flight just yet. The best way forward is to confirm that your US benefits will cover whatever you need/want to get done by contacting Health City by phone at (345) 640-4040 or by email.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Health City is the best medical institution on the Cayman Islands. They are skilled, experienced and qualified doctors with caring attitudes. We should have more of this holistic approach to medicine in Cayman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Health City has enough cases of REAL NEED for people from poor countries that would NEVER have the opportunity to receive help elsewhere. Frigging americans always looking for the best for the cheapest. Them people sick my stomach. They live in a country where they have about 500 million doctors and hospitals, insurance and WELFARE where you can get all your stuff free, why do you need to come here and use this hospital when there are people who would have no other options, unlike you all, for you all there’s always an option. If you don’t like your crappy countries health care then go to Cuba, god know they want you there, why i don’t know becaus as soon as you all touch a place might as well kiss it goodbye because it DONE. Cha. Sick of all unna with your attitudes and the world owes you something attitude, tooo sickening boy….don’t come up here looking cheap healthyy care because you too cheap to pay for it in your own country…you all got everything there when you ready to Lord it over the rest of the world, now you see a place with good and affordble healthcare and you wan come here too and eat that all out and use it up too. STAY HOME, you TOO DAMN SICKENING

    • Anonymous says:

      @10:57 pm
      Hold your horses.
      First of all, you are clearly recognizable from your Compass comments.

      Secondly, It is not like you will be paying for “Frigging americans” or it will be free. Plenty americans have enough money to pay cash to avoid bureaucracy of american health care. Good for both- Health City and ill people. You missed the point of the comment which was to bring more people -Business to the Cayman Islands .

      Your health care is not any better- you said about it in one of your recent Compass comments.

      Lastly, no one is immune from ending up in a US hospital, including you. No one in the US will say to you: “STAY HOME, you TOO DAMN SICKENING”.

      CNS Comment Policy: We will delete those comments that:a reasonable person would consider abusive, profane or offensive; promote hatred of any kind.

      CNS: Yes, I take your point about the comment policy, however sometimes such sentiments should be aired where they can be addressed — as opposed to comments on the Compass website where you would have to reveal your own identity in order to address them.

      • Anonymous says:

        All right CNS, you may have a point here.

        Xenophobic attacks from this God fearing person are nothing new. This person can’t get past her prejudices to see if she could give the benefit of the doubt enough to receive wisdom from someone she’s decided was not wise. If she can see past the decisions she’d already made she might find intelligence where she least expected to see. When one gets fixated on negative aspects of something it prevents him/her from seeing any positive aspects, even though there may be some.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m a Christian and I don’t believe you are correct in saying she is God Fearing..The Bible teaches us differently and love our neighbors as we love ourselves..Bigotry, hatred and xenophobia are not things that I as a Christian believe in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Health City’s business model is based upon attracting those “Frigging americans” to pay the bills. It is what allows them to keep their doors open so that it is even possible to provide care for “cases of REAL NEED for people from poor countries that would NEVER have the opportunity to receive help elsewhere.”

      Without paying customers there will be no hospital and thus no charity care.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Surely accreditation doesn’t mean that “US citizens can come to Cayman to get treated … as long as their health insurance provider agrees”. US citizens can go where they like to get treated if they’re paying. If insured, then presumably their insurer has to approve them being treated at Health City. There’s a difference.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can one just go and run all tests in one place and pay cash? Assuming the prices are a fraction of what one would be paying in the US.
    Diagnostic services in the USA are not friendly for ill people. Going to one place that would run all tests, scans, see specialists in just 1-2 days and make a diagnosis would be invaluable for a very ill person.
    The way it is done in the USA is atrocious- make appointment to one doctor, wait for months,drive, wait, see a doctor who sends you for tests, scans or a “specialist”, make an appointment, wait, drive, wait, do the scans. Wait, see the first doctor. REPEAT many times and even then in complex cases diagnosis is not guaranteed. |
    Health City should look into this and market the medical diagnosis services to visitors from the USA. They have so many highly qualified specialists and labs and testing equipment under one roof.

    • anon says:

      Yes, you can do all your tests there. Just go on their website and have a look. The operation there is self-contain and they don’t offer advanced surgeries and treatment without having the supporting equipment, services, and experienced staff to aid in the process.