Curious about bid to remove beachrock

| 18/10/2016

CNS reported about an application to remove beachrock and coral homes of fish/sealife from an area of Seven Mile Beach in front of his properties. There has been no follow-up on it being approved or denied. Therefore I would assume that it was approved. Is this something that you would be able to find out?

Auntie’s answer: For those unfamiliar with the story the reader has referenced to, earlier this year Dart submitted an application to conduct site investigations and remove beachrock samples from below the high-water mark at a spot along Seven Mile Beach (See Dart seeks to dig up 7MB rock).

I put the question to both Dart and the Department of Environment (DoE), the two main entities involved. For starters, allow me to advise against assuming anything, especially in this case, where it would have required relatively fast action on the part of government.

The application was indeed submitted to DoE but Dart is still waiting to see whether or not it has been approved. A DoE official confirmed that, saying the department was “aware this matter is with the ministry and no decision has been taken by Cabinet”.

I suggest you check CNS periodically for any updates on this story.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Only if you going EAST

  2. Lin says:

    Well, while they are waiting to see if the application is granted or not, there are currently 11 black crates of rocks that were cleared out of the sea at that location and dead dried marine life can be observed on them. they are using human power to clear the nearshore area and this was reported to DOE, not sure if anything was done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t it an offense subject to a CI$500,000 fine to remove any marine life, living or dead, from a marine park?