Customer service drives top government employee

| 17/10/2016
CNS Local Life

Ministry of PLAH&I and DVLD staff members celebrate top employee for August Sara Dixon (centre, front), who is flanked by Franz Manderson (left) and Alan Jones (right)

(CNS Local Life): Sara Dixon, a clerical officer with the Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL) took top employee honours in the civil service for August for being “most concerned about customer satisfaction”. She began working as an intern with government at District Administration in Cayman Brac when she was 17, receiving a permanent appointment nine months later.

Dixon transferred to Grand Cayman to work at DVDL, which falls under the Ministry of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing & Infrastructure (PLAH&I), in 2012.

Since that time, according to a government press release, her supervisors have recognised Dixon’s initiative by offering her several secondment opportunities within the Facility Management Unit and she is now acting licensing officer. While she works behind the scenes performing administrative duties, she also assists on the frontline to reduce long lines when the department experiences staff shortages.

“Ms Dixon sees department process from the customers’ perspective and suggests ways in which procedures can be more customer-friendly,” said David Dixon, DVDL director.

“Sara exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional civil servant. Her desire to deliver excellent service is evident in the way she interacts with her colleagues and customers. As a member of the DVDL team, Sara has been supportive in helping us deliver the best possible service.”

Alan Jones, chief officer of the ministry, praised the department and Dixon for their customer service.

“DVDL is one of those departments which is often overlooked and underpraised but I know the employees produce great work. I am grateful for the caring and professional way in which Ms Dixon carries out her interaction with customers. She is known in DVDL for her speedy and efficient service.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson also lauded Dixon for her service. “I am pleased to know that you take the time to listen to customers and engage with them in a personable way,” he said.

“It is obvious that you care and strive to put the customer’s needs first. Excellent customer service within the civil service is a priority, and I am grateful for your efforts towards achieving this and the welcoming and sincere way in which you interact with customers.”

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