Told not to use ticket machine to pay for airport parking

| 25/10/2016

Has the parking policy at Owen Roberts International Airport changed? On returning last Thursday evening (20 October) I was about to pay cash at the machine when the lady at the adjacent booth said I had to pay her even though I had cash. She took my money and ticket and said I should press the help button at the exit gate and she would open the barrier. I asked for a receipt but was told that was not possible.

Auntie’s answer: I am only going to be able to give you a partial answer to your question, which I directed to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA). An official with the authority confirmed that the parking policy at the airport has not changed.

From what you described, however, it does seem to me that either something did go haywire in the system or something more nefarious was going on the day you were there.

Here’s the problem, though: The CIAA cannot address your specific issue without more information. What they need to know to investigate this further is the following: Can you describe or did you get the name of the attendant (they all wear name tags)? Were you in short- or long-term parking? What time were you at the airport? Exactly how much money did the attendant collect?

If you are able to answer some or all of these questions, email CIAA for a more detailed response.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Full details of the situation regarding paying cash to the lady at the booth were provided by telephone to the individual who stated she was the supervisor in charge of parking.If the CIAA can provide the e mail address of it’s director I will confirm by e mail as I am concerned as to whether an investigation was instigated as I was promised.

  2. Annie says:

    How much did Government spend from my duty dollars for this ridiculous system? 100k? 500k? A million? They need to stop wasting my money, and yours. Yes there are some funny posts, but damn, just do your job govt.

    I actually work for my pay. You want to talk about entitlement? Just look to your elected officials. Win, lose, or do nothing they still get paid. Do you?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve used the long-term parking lot three times over the past two months. On each occasion, I’ve paid cash at the machine outside the terminal to get my “exit ticket”, but when I reached the exit gate, the machine says that the exit ticket is not valid. At that point, I push the intercom button, tell them what happened, and they open the gate remotely to let you out. From this, I would deduce that the exit gates at the long-term parking lot are defective, have been for a couple of months, and that they are fully aware of the problem, as they routinely just let you out on your word that you’ve paid. It’s pretty frustrating that this relatively new parking system is failing already. We lived for years with the last dysfunctional one, and this doesn’t bode well for the next few years.

    • Annie says:

      Same thing happened to me, but I was not clever enough to see the intercom button. Frankly, even if I had seen it, I would not ever imagine anyone would answer it.

      None the less, I was forced to back out, causing the motorists behind me to do likewise, and walk back to the arrivals area and get an attendant to open the gate. What a pile of horse crap. If this is Cayman Kind give me the Jersey Devil.

  4. Veritas says:

    I supplied all the requested information to the CIAA, the time and date I left my car at long term, the time I returned, the amount I paid, except the name of the female attendant which I did not know.I was promised this matter would be looked in to.

    Auntie: A spokesperson for the CIAA responded to this comment: “We never received an email and no complaints were sent to the CIAA email address, so we are not exactly sure who the person contacted.” I suggest you email CIAA again because they do seem willing to follow up on your complaint.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious. CIAA always seems surprised and in need of more details on what is going on in their own domain. As if there is no one who supervises the operations.

  6. Cha-ching says:


    I was at the airport yesterday (24th) and again today (25th). On the 24th I paid cash at the machine (far left one) and received my $4 change out of $10. On the 25th I paid $6 for my time due with my credit card. No issues on either day. I left after 4pm on the 24th and after 6pm on the 25th.

  7. A Nony Mouse says:

    This nonsense with forcing departing passengers (more particularly their transporters) to use the short-term lots is ridiculous in the extreme. We drop off passengers to AVOID this nasty surprise and unnecessary expense. If you must close drop-off areas to enable the construction, then set aside another area where those departing passengers can safely be dropped off without cost. Government has their sticky hands in our pockets at every turn and there needs to be some way to drop off passengers without incurring a cost for the favour.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I will continue to park in front of the taxis to let people in and out. God knows they’ve made enough ripping off their passengers. Some patience would be good for them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    just collecting her entitlement