Constitution should have a braille version

| 06/12/2016

I read that the Constitutional Commission and the Human Rights Commission are working on producing an audio version of the Cayman Islands Constitution for people who have vision problems (See Audio of Constitution for visually impaired ‘soon come’). Is there also a copy of that or any of our other important documents in braille, which would make them accessible to people who are both blind and deaf?

Auntie’s answer: The issue of disabled accessibility in Cayman (or more to the point, the lack thereof) is one that places a virtual hive of bees squarely in my bonnet, but I will try to exercise a little bit of restraint here and stick to the question being posed. However, if I do stray off into other related injustices, let me ask for your forgiveness ahead of time.

cns-vampt-ask-auntie-bannerI asked the Commissions Secretariat your question, and while the representative said, “Sadly I am unaware of any braille versions of our Constitution or other important documents which your reader could access,” they are working on rectifying this situation.

“The partnership of the Constitutional Commission and the Human Rights Commission on the audio version of the Constitution is the first of many opportunities to educate all persons on these important matters,” the official said. “The Commissions Secretariat has recently requested quotes from companies off-island who specialise in the production of documents in braille and will continue to explore these options.”

Any members of the community who have such resources available are also asked to call (244-3685) or email the Commissions Secretariat.

Meanwhile, the representative added that anyone with vision problems is welcome to come to their office or call, saying, “We would be more than happy to speak with them. Whilst not an ideal solution, the Commissions Secretariat will try to assist in any way it can.”

As for producing the audio version of the Constitution, since the project has just started, it is not expected to be completed until after the first quarter of 2017.

And, one more thing: Anyone out there who is still parking illegally – and selfishly – in spots for the disabled, stop that immediately. (Sorry, but I warned you I might stray.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are there not programmes that convert words to audio. Or to braille?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe an Audiobook Version.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tara Rivers: please acquire a Braille printer for the Sunrise Adult PWD Center. Used commercial Braille printers can be bought online for under usd$200. Then it’s just a “Shift F7” for any document.