GT cook-off serves up team for youth culinary final

| 31/01/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Judges Winston Hayle, Brittney Bodden and Kerry Akinibosun

(CNS Local Life): A culinary duo from Triple C won the George Town Youth Cook-Off, earning them a place in the grand final, set to take place at the 50th annual Agriculture Show on Wednesday, 1 March, at the Agricultural Pavilion. The district competition, organised by the Youth Services Unit, was staged at in the parking of the George Town Library on National Heroes Day, 23 January.

Triple C students Ayanna Davis-Eden, 13, and Tya Bovell, 15, of Team Girl Power prepared savoury white bean chicken chili for the first round. In the final round of the district competition, the pair cooked up lionfish tacos with fresh salsa and guacamole paired with island punch.

Rivals Nashaunte Stewart, 17 and Nathina Bush, 17, of Team Nashaunte, whipped up a hearty beef chili with a second round offering of steamed lionfish with mixed vegetables and white rice, paired with Swanky.

Team Girl Power won the public judging of the first round, 14 votes to nine, taking the honours for best chili. Davis-Eden, a Home Gas Test Kitchen TV host and a “Proud Of Them” awardee and Bovell, the National Youth Culinary Programme Deputy Prefect, cemented their victory by also winning the best lionfish dish and drink round.

Youth Services co-ordinator James Myles said of the competition: “Our youth contestants don’t let their age stand in the way of creating great meals. George Town won by presenting lionfish tacos which would have made anyone’s mouth water.”

The winning team walked away with prizes including $100 and personalised chef jackets to wear at the finals.

The last district competition of the 2016/17 National Cook Off contest is being held at the Cayman Islands Turtle Centre in West Bay, Saturday, 18 February, from 6:30pm-9:30pm.

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