YMCA hosts youth conference

| 13/01/2017
CNS Local Life

Participants at last year’s YMCA conference

(CNS Local Life): The YMCA of the Cayman Islands is hosting two days of learning for more than 100 staff, volunteers and community partners to support the work they do with Cayman’s youth. The second annual Leaders for Youth Conference, which starts today (13 January), and finishes tomorrow, is themed “Bridge of Hope.”

YMCA CEO Greg Smith explained the meaning behind the theme. “There must be a bridge between where young people currently are in their lives and where their potential can take them; it’s not simply learning the skills and the discipline, but it starts with a spirit of hope and the belief success is achievable,” he said. “As youth leaders we see this gap every day, and we must stand in it with practical solutions to very real challenges.”

The first day will focus on training YMCA programme leaders and administrators, while on Saturday all staff, volunteers and programme partners will be brought together with group activities and breakout sessions. Both days will feature local presenters as well as international speakers from the Greater St Petersburg and Westfield (New Jersey) YMCAs.

Breakout sessions will cover a range of topics from “Creating Safe Environments” and “Conflict Resolution” to “Youth Leadership” and “Teambuilding”.

YMCA operations director Gillian Roffey said, “We are excited to be able provide this opportunity to come together, share ideas and reinforce the mission behind the work that we do.

“We are grateful to have both local and international presenters who provide expertise and cultural-exchange opportunities.”

Visiting presenters will also tour YMCA programmes and sightsee. Both the YMCA of Greater St Petersburg and Westfield will continue to provide the Cayman YMCA with support, direction and sharing of best practices.

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