Law school lecturer presents research in Brussels

| 02/02/2017
CNS Local Life

Laura Panades

(CNS Local Life): After presenting her latest research paper on labour regulation clauses in public procurement to a conference in Brussels, Truman Bodden Law School (TBLS) lecturer Laura Panades, an expert in public-private partnerships, has been selected to inform the European Parliament’s policy agenda for 2016-17. Panades is the course leader of the master of laws programme that will be introduced at the school September 2017.

A European foundation, working with EU parliamentarians, has asked the lecturer to provide a fuller report, stated a TBLS press release. The conference findings will be published in a book to be published this spring.

Law school director Mitchell Davies said, “I am delighted that Laura’s work in this important area (highly significant in the Cayman Islands) has caught Brussels’ attention. This research continues the aim of the Truman Bodden Law School to be at the forefront of international legal research and further promotes the law school as a centre of excellence in legal research and learning.”

Panades added, “My research advocates higher labour standards as an award criterion in EU public procurement, thus reversing the trend of pushing standards down to lower prices. This project will feed directly into the law school’s new master of laws programme in international finance law and regulation.”


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