New youth ambassadors named

| 13/02/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) James Myles of the YSU, new youth ambassadors Camille Angel and Andrel Harris, and Minister Osbourne Bodden

(CNS Local Life): The 2017-2019 CARICOM youth ambassadors (CYAs) for Cayman are Camille Angel, 26, and her male counterpart, Andrel Harris, 24. The announcement of the new ambassadors was made at a meeting last week, which was also attended by outgoing ambassadors James Geary, 26, and Takiyah Smith, 24. The new alternates are Jessica Moore, 25, and Shantelle Young, 20.

Speaking at the announcement, Minister for Community Affairs, Youth and Sports Osbourne Bodden, said, “I am proud and thankful for our past ambassadors who have all served well, and I congratulate the new pair, who I’m confident will carry the torch and continue to showcase Cayman and its youth on this very important stage.”

Angel is a youth empowerment officer in the Youth Services Unit (YSU) and Harris is a newscaster at Radio Cayman. During their two-year tenure they will be expected to represent the youth of Cayman at the regional level and engage in youth advocacy locally. Both will participate in events and CARICOM initiatives aimed at heightening youth awareness on issues that affect them locally, regionally and internationally.

“This is our fifth set of youth ambassadors and the impact that each set brings moves Cayman forward in terms of showing ourselves to be aligned to the concerns and interests of the region,” said James Myles, YSU acting head.

The unit coordinates the selection of Cayman’s youth ambassadors and works in partnership with them to achieve specified goals mandated by CARICOM in furthering youth advocacy both locally and regionally.

The 2017/19 CYAs will be going to the CARICOM secretariat’s headquarters in Georgetown, Guyana for orientation next month and are also slated to attend a CARICOM event later this year.

During their tenure, CYAs may receive regional youth-related mandates to focus on at a local level and subsequently report on to CARICOM. In such instances, a national report written by the CYAs will be made public in Cayman after its presentation to CARICOM.

Launched in 1993, the CARICOM youth ambassador programme has raised the profile of youth issues locally and regionally as well as influenced policies and informed youth debate internationally.

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