Constitutional Commission statement on Youth Parliament

| 13/03/2017

(Constitutional Commission): The 13 March is Commonwealth Day. It also marks the day on which the Cayman Islands Youth Parliament meets annually at the Legislative Assembly. Hosted by the Cayman Islands Branch of the Commonwealth Parliament Association, the Youth Parliament, which held its first session in the Cayman Islands in 2001, is made up of students from a range of public and private schools across Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

In order to sit in the Youth Parliament, students participate in a training programme that runs over several weeks, where they learn about the administration and processes of government, as well debating and public speaking skills. Through the training programme and their participation in the parliament, students are exposed to key facets of our Constitution and the system of government that it creates.

Relevant provisions of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order, 2009 that students will encounter include Parts III and IV, which outline the functions of the executive and the legislature, including the roles of premier (ss.49-51), leader of the opposition (s.68) and ministers (ss.49, 52-54); the speaker of the House (s.65); and rules for standing for elected membership (ss.61-62) and voting in elections (ss.90-92).

Involving our youth in such activities is important in order to ensure they are equipped to enter the democratic arena when they become adults, either as an individual who stands for office or who simply exercises their right to vote. Therefore, in support of its constitutional mandate to promote understanding and awareness of this Constitution, the Constitutional Commission would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the participating youth on their involvement in, and the government for supporting, this important programme.

For more information on the Constitutional Commission, including educational materials on the Constitution itself, please visit, or contact or 244-3685.

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