Golden Spoons Review: Burger Shack

| 02/03/2017

(CNS Foodie): A homey little blue hut at one corner of Marquee Plaza (where the old cinema used to be) offering a big burger called out to me the other day. As I approached the Burger Shack, I couldn’t help but be optimistic that this retro-style establishment would deliver the goods. Another instant plus was an awning thoughtfully placed to shade you whilst you order.

A huge printed menu on the side of the shack shows all the options available. And there are many. The menu is simple but offers enough variety to satisfy most people’s burger options. Eating healthy is also not a problem as you can choose among chicken, beef and veggie patties, and I requested mine wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. But it is hard to resist the temptation to add on fries and a milk shake.

I remember a friend once telling me the best place to get fries on island was Burger Shack and I think this still holds true – thick cut and served hot out of the fryer with extra always thrown in the brown paper bag that holds the fries container. Honestly, there isn’t a big difference between the regular ($2.50) and large ($4) servings.

The extra sides such as bacon, cheese and avocado are a bit on the expensive side ($1 each). When you think about how much you would pay at the supermarket for those items it might make you cringe, but it is great that you do not have to pay extra for other additions, such as the grilled mushrooms. You can also order “The Works” (included in the price of the burger – $6.50 for a single and $8.50 for a double), which comprise lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions, ketchup and mayo. You can choose from other sauces as well, ranging from jerk mayo to garlic aioli to hot sauce.

You place your order at the counter and can then watch your food being prepared in the little hut, or you can sit at one of the outdoor tables and wait for your number to be called. There is a little dining area around the sides and walkway of the plaza, but the seating is for both the Burger Shack and the next-door coffee shop so make sure you sit at the metallic chairs. I paid $10 for a burger with added bacon and regular fries. This is a great price for the quality and quantity of food you receive.

This is an experience for people who just love a good burger but want to choose all the options. The Burger Shack emphasises their burgers are made from 100% Certified Angus Beef, hand-formed and never frozen. While the staff does not ask how you would like your beef done – it is mostly cooked all the way through – at least you can build your own burger.

Overall, I was happy with the burger. The sides add to the flavor, but the beef is not well seasoned, though I subsequently tried the chicken breast, which was tastier.

I suggest this classic burger joint add some healthier modern-day sides such as sweet potato or even zucchini fries. And also offer a whole-wheat bun. The classics are great but it would be nice to be able to swap in a few healthier choices. It would also be nice to have a loyalty programme as a lot of customers seem to be regulars. A low staff turnover adds to the homey feel as you will start to become familiar with the crew.

I want to note as well that even though the Burger Shack is really a take-away kind of establishment despite the few tables available, I felt it deserved some sort of rating for service, if only to acknowledge the quick and efficient preparing of my order.

The place is open until 4am, so you can satisfy your burger craving pretty much any time.

Gratuity not included.

Foodie says: After reading the comments, I want to clarify that I rated “Value for $” at a 3 because I was comparing it to other fast-food restaurants that include a drink and fries in the price of the meal, which is cheaper overall than at Burger Shack. But I agree that it is a bargain for the amount and quality of food you get

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