Pensions Board celebrates 25th anniversary

| 17/03/2017
CNS Local Life

Bette Jefferson, widow of Thomas Jefferson who was the first PSPB chairman, receives award from Franz Manderson in honour of her husband

(CNS Local Life): The Public Service Pensions Board (PSPB) recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a dinner that included the unveiling of the pension provider’s new logo, as well as a video featuring music by Emmy-winning local and international musicians and members of kitchen band Swanky.

A key part of the evening featured speeches from Acting Governor Franz Manderson, PSPB chairman Kenneth Jefferson and managing director Jewel Evans Lindsey, in which key milestones in the organisation’s progress were charted alongside global financial events.

The event, held Friday, 3 March at the Kimpton Seafire Resort, also attracted a contingent of the PSPB’s overseas partner companies from New York and Ontario. During the evening several awards were presented to past and current board members and staff.

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