Socks get rocked for World Down Syndrome Day

| 23/03/2017
CNS Local Life

Ministry of Home Affairs staff “rock their socks” for World Down Syndrome Day

(CNS Local Life): Staff from the Ministry of Home Affairs put their best foot forward on Tuesday, 21 March 2017, donning brightly coloured footwear to support “Rock Your Socks For World Down Syndrome Day”. The civil servants took a break from their workday to show off their eye-catching socks to raise awareness of those living with the genetic condition.

Ministry Acting Chief Officer Michael Nixon, who wore a muted black pair that staff embellished with a “Sponge Bob” plushy, said, “Our observance is very much in the spirit of the Cayman Islands Disability Policy, which advances the rights of persons with disabilities. Staff in our ministry wanted to show support for an event which shines a spotlight on groups that are often overlooked and individuals who contribute so much to our lives and to our community.

“Events such as these not only raise the profile of individuals and families living with Down Syndrome, they focus us on what more we all can do to ensure persons with Down Syndrome get access to the resources they need to lead full and productive lives.”

According to the Special Needs Foundation of the Cayman Islands and the local Down Syndrome Committee, the day of observance was a joint awareness and fundraising exercise. Rock Your Socks events were held in more than six schools in Grand Cayman with several businesses also taking part across the islands.

The foundation said it hopes that public generosity will help it reach its $25,000 target for channelling into education on Down Syndrome, therapy programmes and further community initiatives.

Nancy Bodden of the committee said, “The Down Syndrome community is buzzing with excitement today. We are celebrating people with Down Syndrome and are providing practical support for parents by donating ‘Baskets of Hope’ with several handy gifts to the Cayman Islands Hospital’s maternity unit.”

Participants were also asked to post selfies on the Cayman Islands World Down Syndrome Day Facebook page.

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