Do Caymanians have a voice in British elections?

| 23/04/2017

As we are now considered British citizens, are Caymanians allowed to vote in the upcoming UK elections on 8 June?

Auntie’s answer: Whether you hold a British overseas territories citizen, passport of a British passport or a passport from any qualifying Commonwealth country, you must be resident in the UK in order to register to vote. If you have been previously registered and are now living abroad, or you were too young to register before you left —16 years old in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (and vote when you’re 18), and 14 years old in Scotland (and vote in Scottish elections when you’re 16 and other elections when you’re 18) — you can re-register.

However, if you have lived outside the UK for more than 15 years or have never lived there, you cannot vote.

For the upcoming elections, which will take place on 8 June, you need to register by 22 May.

If you think you are eligible, I recommend that you go to the UK government website and read through the section on voting.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well if you don’t want to complain about politics, here is some great advice.

  2. M Wilson says:

    Geez!! You want it all