Iguanas fouling track and field

| 18/04/2017

Who is in charge of the upkeep of the track behind John Gray High School? There is a table beside the track full of iguana dirt that should be removed as it is impossible for anyone to use it in its condition.

Auntie’s answer: That track seems to be a favourite of the ubiquitous green iguanas. In fact, the trees around the track have sheet metal wrapped around the trunks to prevent those creatures from climbing the trees and dropping themselves or their droppings on unsuspecting folk below. But that clearly has not stopped them from fouling up other areas on and around the track.

I can report that action is being taken to try to alleviate this particular problem, which I think is all we can hope for since completely ridding Cayman of this green scourge seems impossible. The track, and field around it, belongs to the Ministry of Education and you can often see students using the facility during the day. Since the public also uses it outside of school hours, the Department of Sports helps to maintain the grounds. According to a department official, that maintenance includes cutting the grass and cleaning the area once or twice a week.

A groundskeeper from John Gray High School, which as you noted is next to the track, is also responsible for upkeep.

As far as dealing with the “iguana dirt”, the department has informed me it has advised its groundskeepers “whenever they clean to pay attention to the benches a bit more”.

That still leaves the larger issue of reducing the iguana population. For dealing with that headache, the department approached the school about sending John Gray’s iguana culler (yes, they apparently have one) to perform that service at the track. The culling has already begun and will by necessity be an ongoing task and a much-hoped-for solution for the many people who use the track and surrounding grass.

For the rest of the island, this year’s culling starts next month. See DoE opens $2 green iguana cull registration

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  1. only blue says:

    good place for the green iguana hunters to start since DOE is paying $2 per iguanna. CNS maybe you could assist the DOE with their Drive to reduce the green iguanas by having a column to post areas where green iguana infestion is high/conregate so the hunters can be more effective. Thank you Auntie