Wants to arm Cayman’s security personnel

| 25/04/2017

Is there any special provision in our laws that would allow for the armoured car couriers to be armed? Perhaps a special licensing or permit to allow the courier some type of way to defend himself or simply deter armed robbers.

Auntie’s answer: I checked with the RCIPS to get a definitive explanation on this. The relevant legislation is The Private Security Services Law, 2007, which does not specifically provide for the arming of armoured car couriers or security guards.

Having said that, the law does allow for the Commissioner of Police to specially endorse the licence of a security guard or courier to enable them to carry an “authorised weapon”.

While I can see the attraction of arming security personnel as a way to prevent crime and possibly catch criminals, it also concerns me. I just feel that scenario opens up too many opportunities for things to go wrong and innocent people to get hurt.

I am sure others would disagree and discount my worries. I am happy to hear dissenting opinions so to those people, do your worst.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The last thing you need is for the general public to be allowed to buy guns to “protect themselves.” As much as I understand the fear you all may have this is not the right road to go down. The island is like the OK Coral as it is with all the unlicensed firearms that seem to be in abundance. People will be going around shooting each other willy nilly if they look at each other the wrong way. You need to get rid of the firearms you have not bring in more! If a potential burglar/robber know you could well have a firearm in your possession, there is a likelihood that he will undoubtably kill or be killed. The RCIPS is basically an unarmed force themselves, why on earth would they encourage the general public to be armed. The U.S. have a major problem with firearms. Please keep Cayman British in this respect.

    • Bill Lewis says:

      Only criminals have guns in Cayman. Lets keep it that way! We all know only law abiding people obey the laws. See how this works out over the few years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Way underpaid, armed with guns, what’s to stop these Security Guards to rob or hurt people themselves? They have taken no oath to serve the public, nor have they any skills in shooting a gun… yeah, but arm them to shoot in the crowded areas they’ll be at?! Just hire off duty Police Officers!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel all good people should have the right to protect themselves and their property by being able to legally obtain a firearm. It is not because of the government fears that the people will be killed by the hands of their own guns but the truth is the government doesn’t want people to be able to stand up against a corrupt system if they are forced to. Like England, they want the masses to remain as slaves and never be able to defend themselves. Wake Up!

    • Kurt Goring says:

      That’s the stupidest reasoning in the world. Any modestly tyrannical government worth worrying about is ALWAYS going to be better armed than the civilian populace. Since the populace is never going to kill the government with their guns, the only people they can really kill with them is each other.