Concerned about vote buying ahead of election

| 15/05/2017

In the newspaper (last week), I saw an advert from a candidate inviting potential voters to meet him and benefit from free refreshments, bouncy castles for kids etc. Seems to me to be a form of attempted corruption or vote buying. Aren’t there laws against that kind of thing?

Auntie’s answer: Yes, there are laws. What you describe is considered “treating” under Section 96 of the Elections Law (2013 Revision); there are also provisions addressing bribery under Section 95.

Section 96 says that the offence of treating is committed by “every person who corruptly, by himself or by any other person, either before, during or after an election, directly or indirectly, gives, or provides or pays, wholly or in part, the expenses of giving or providing any food, drink, entertainment or provision to or for any persons for the purpose of corruptly influencing that person, or any other person, to vote or to refrain from voting at such election…”.

Any elector who “corruptly accepts or takes” any of these items also commits an offence under this section.

In noting the relevant sections, an Elections Office representative added, “The RCIPS do investigate reports of treating and bribery,” noting that for treating to be proven it has to satisfy the legal requirements set out in Section 96.

The law mentioned in this column can be found on the CNS Library


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  1. Anonymous says:

    …and yet not a whisper of investigation in relation to thousands of cabinet status grants.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So the good Doctor who holds quizzes at political meeting and gives away $500.00 prizes should be charged as well as the receiver?

    • A Nony Mouse says:

      In a more perfect world, absolutely! In Cayman such things are overlooked and swept under the rug! No one has the stomach to deal with these tricksters as they should be dealt with.

      Fortunately for myself and most people I know it doesn’t affect our vote in any way, as we go to ALL meetings and eat, drink and be happy! We’ve long ago made up our minds and fancy food and any verbal sleight-of-hand has no effect on us whatsoever!