Gift suggestions for Mother’s Day

| 02/05/2017

Mother’s Day is coming up and I need some ideas about what to get my wife, who is the mother of our three children, all under 10 years old. I know this is approaching last minute, but any suggestions you could offer would be great.

Auntie’s answer: Having lived through many Mother’s Days, I feel pretty comfortable advising on what would constitute a good gift for the woman in your life. And it might surprise you to hear that the gift is not necessarily one you can wrap or hold.

Here’s what I think. The average mother works hard every day, whether she is staying at home looking after her children, working full-time or a combination of the two, so the perfect gift may be one of time.

For many mothers with young children, what she really needs is a chance to sleep in, or relax in a comfy chair with a good book, or just chill out and watch a movie. In other words, she needs time for herself, so think about how she did that before she became a mother and try to make that happen for her.

If you don’t have a helper, perhaps you and the kids could do all the housework for her while she relaxes, or maybe take the kids off for the day, or the afternoon if going to church in the morning is part of your Mother’s Day ritual, and all of you get out of her hair for a while. At the end of the day, perhaps you and the kids could cook dinner or order pizza or Chinese takeout, or pick up some jerk chicken. And clean up afterwards!

Whatever you do, involving the kids in the planning and helping to carry it out is really important. This is not just about you appreciating your wife but an opportunity to teach your kids to appreciate their mother. So get them to make cards rather than buy them. Trust me, they will mean so much more.

A few more tips: Since your children are young, a family meal in a restaurant may not provide the hoped-for relaxation because your wife would still be “on duty” looking after them. If you want to buy her a gift, don’t get a box of chocolates if she’s on a diet. Flowers are always nice, but a gift certificate for a massage or a facial might be more appreciated.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, 14 May, so you have time to plan. And remember that Father’s Day is not too far off, so she might return the favour then and give you some time to yourself on 18 June.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you need a time machine to go back to March, given that is when Mother’s Day is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mother’s Day was on 11 March. British territory, British calendar. Be off with your crass Americanisation!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great ideas above, Auntie!
    Perhaps the dad could try having a casual conversation about the upcoming Mother’s Day, and ask her what she would love him and the kids to spoil her with?
    She may have a very clear idea of what she needs or wants, and it could save them both a lot of bother. Yes, it won’t be a surprise, but isn’t the point to pamper her a little with something she’d really love, not necessarily to surprise her? Besides, he could always include a little something extra, for a little surprise.
    Have fun with whatever you end up doing!