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| 30/05/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Employee of the Month Kimberley Powell-Herrera and Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon

(CNS Local Life): Kimberley Powell-Herrera has been named Cayman Islands Government Employee of Month for April. The accounts officer in the Portfolio of the Civil Service (POCS), who began her career in government in 2004, was cited for being most customer-centric. Attending school and recently married, she is working towards the completion of her associate degree in public administration.

Powell-Herrera is able to jump right in and get the job done, whatever the task, stated a government press release. POCS Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon noted her ability to perform consistently at a high level while anticipating the needs of customers.

“Not only does Kimberley come up with creative solutions, but she also takes such delight in satisfying internal and external client needs,” said McField-Nixon. “She is dependable, hardworking, has a keen eye for detail and provides excellent customer service. She has a natural propensity to lead and has solid interpersonal skills, which are necessary for her to be successful in her role.  She has proven to be the go-to person within our team and is an essential member of the Portfolio of the Civil Service.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson also praised Ms Powell-Herrera’s performance. “There’s a ‘wow’ factor when undertaking your duties, and through your actions, you are helping to pave the way for a world-class civil service,” he said.

“You’re known to go the extra mile to assist both external and internal customers and no assignment is too big or small for you to tackle. You are willing to handle queries from customers who are seeking help from other sections in the POCS and if you are unable to assist the customer you refer them to the appropriate officer and will continue to follow up with the customer thereby ensuring that the issue has been resolved.

“You are known to readily accept constructive feedback on your performance which is a key attribute of a leader. It is obvious that you make a point to exceed customer expectations…Thank you for demonstrating such a remarkable level of performance and commitment to the Cayman Islands Government.”

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