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| 30/05/2017
CNS Local Life

John A Cumber students with their artwork (L-R) Jordana Johnson, Juliana Myers, Gabriella Bristol, Kristina Mitchell and Dalbert Johnson

(CNS Local Life): Year six students from government schools across Grand Cayman are exhibiting their artwork created through the Heritage Arts programme, which is part of the curriculum and run by Cayman Traditional Arts (CTA). On display at The Gallery at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman through 15 August, are paintings that CTA director Chris Christian said showcased the skill of the young artists.

“Every year we are always impressed by the enthusiasm and energy we receive from the students as they take part in our Heritage Arts programme,” Christian said. “This year we are particularly delighted by the results, which show the students demonstrating a great amount of skill and care in their artwork. This aspect of the programme helps the students focus on local subject matter while honing their artistic skills simultaneously. They have all embraced their artistic tasks and produced some excellent pieces.”

The students have been learning a variety of skills as part of the programme, with art classes a particular draw, stated a CTA press release.

At the opening night of the exhibition, Shae Ebanks, who attends East End Primary, described the artistic process: “Mr Chris brought in some pictures for us to look at and we decided as a class what we would like to paint. We used a mixture of sand and acrylic to produce our artwork,” she said.

Sir John A Cumber Primary School students talked about their artwork, which included an element of pointillism within its design, explaining how each of the young artists concentrated on separate aspects to create the overall piece.

The year six class teachers said that the art classes in particular were a brilliant way in which to relax students, confirming that artwork instilled a great sense of quiet and peace among the young people.

In addition to East End and Sir John A Cumber, students from the Lighthouse School, Red Bay Primary, Bodden Town Primary, Prospect Primary, Edna M. Moyle Primary and George Town Primary are exhibiting their artwork.

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