Voter has changed address since registering

| 05/05/2017

I have moved to a different constituency since the last voters list was finalised. Will this be a problem when I go to vote in my old constituency?

Auntie’s answer: No, because you have to vote in the district that corresponds to your address. A representative from the Elections Office explained, “The elector will be required to vote in the electoral district that is on the official register.”

The Official Register of Electors, dated 1 April, provides the final say on voters and their addresses after an extensive registration drive and subsequent vetting of the list.

The elections official added, for those who remain unsure of the process, “The district registering officers are responsible for the compilation of lists, the lists become official when approved by the Revising Officer (Magistrate), therefore the voter can contact their registering officer for more details.”

You can call (949-8047) or email the Elections Office for more information.


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