Colourful licence plates on the way

| 01/06/2017

I have seen a few of the new licence plates, and they are all the same – black numerals on white background. Will the DVDL be issuing different coloured plates to deal with hire cars, taxis, government vehicles and the Q series plates, or is everything now going to be the same?

Auntie’s answer: Readers are keeping the Department of Vehicle and Driver’s Licensing busy this week. Once again, the DVDL responded quickly and comprehensively to the question they were asked.

Yes, there will be different colours to indicate different types of plates, but only through the numerals. The white plates with black numerals are indicative of private car plates, which are replacing the yellow background and black numeral versions.

In addition, for the new plates, these will be the colours for the numerals (against a white background) and what they represent: green for rental cars, red for any other “hire/reward” vehicles such as taxis and tour buses, and blue for disabled.

Also in the works are “Special Edition” plates, which will have a completely different background than the plain white. Possible designs for these plates include a blue iguana and an underwater scene with stingrays, but nothing has been finalised.

Anyone who has a “Q” or “Islands in the Sun” plate will be able to replace those for free with a special edition version, which should be available starting next year.

A DVDL official explained that the same thing will apply to all personalised plates, regardless of background. If it is on the old yellow background, the department will issue the same alphanumeric plate with the white background. “However, if a customer wants to change the background, say from the white to one of the new designs, they would have to pay for that.” The special plates will cost $400.

One other thing – since the new designs may not all arrive at the same time, anyone wanting one of the special plates will probably not get to choose the background. The official explained: “Remember, we have to emboss the plates a month in advance, so that when the customer comes in for their usual vehicle renewal, we have the replacement plates ready for collection.”

It sounds like the designs will be quite nice, though, so I am looking forward to seeing those snazzy new plates on the road.


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  1. Veritas says:

    On a general matter I think “Auntie”does a pretty good job, but when is “Uncle” going to be given a chance?.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They look absolutely hideous
    Like the numbers on the bottom of a cheque book.

  3. Rob says:

    Do not gripe about the $400 specialty license plate. In Dubai, those who can afford it will pay north of $1,000,000 for a specialty license plate. The most recorded is over $9,000,000. Go check it out for yourself – CNN, Bloomberg, etc.

    • Eat what's on your plate says:

      But we’re not in oil rich Dubai, now are we. Your comparison is nil. My gripe still stands.

  4. Eat what's on your plate says:

    Gripe 1:

    As the poster below said, that rental green sure looks blackish, unless you are stopped or close enough to clearly see it. Terrible colour choice, just terrible. How the hell will we be on guard now when we cannot tell who may be driving ‘funny’ or take notice and be on alert as to what the driver may do, such as pull out on the wrong side of the road, indicating wrong, stop-go-stop-go, etc, etc, etc.

    Gripe 2:

    $400 for a personalised/special/custom plate! Here’s what you do to make more money, ready for this? Make them cheaper! That’s right, with a much reduced cost, say $175 or $199 you can have more income as more people will be willing to purchase at a somewhat reasonable price point.

    Unless you are trying to keep “those” folks from getting one, those who cannot afford $400 for the custom plate…hmm.

    In the end, even though I can afford the $400 for one, I’m not an idiot who parts with their money easily. I would, but not at that extremely overinflated price.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen a public bus sporting the red numbers already and a few private vehicles with their new front plates sitting on the dash rather than affixed to the vehicle.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen the almost-black “green” lettered plates for the rentals….was it necessary to imprint the word “RENTAL” on the plate as well?