Approval rate for grant of right to be Caymanian

| 24/07/2017

I read that the success rate for Caymanian status applications is way lower than for permanent residence in recent years. Is status approval more or less assured, provided an applicant is naturalised, insured, immigration fees paid up to date and can prove a minimum 15 years uninterrupted residence? Is the decision-making process sufficiently transparent to ensure there is no unfair discrimination?

Auntie’s answer: In responding to your question, an official with the Department of Immigration first made it clear that the answer cannot be used to address any specific applications or circumstances.

The general advice is to look at the section of the Immigration Law (2015 Revision) that covers “Acquisition of the right to be Caymanian by grant of the Board.” The official explained that under Section 22(3), the criteria to apply “is that the applicant is a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) by reason of naturalisation and has been legally and ordinarily resident in the Islands for at least 15 years or at least five years after the grant of naturalisation”.

However, it was also pointed out, “Even though an applicant may meet the criteria as stated, it cannot be said that those applications are more or less guaranteed to be granted, as each application is reviewed on its own particular facts/circumstances.”

In addition, the official stressed that the section says a BOTC citizen who meets the 15-year residency requirement and is naturalised “may” apply for the right to be Caymanian.

“The law sets out the criteria that have to be met in order to be eligible to apply; it does not guarantee the grant of Cayman status by virtue of meeting the criteria for eligibility. All applications are considered according to the law/regulations and any relevant policies; additionally, all applicants have the right of appeal.”

The law mentioned in this column can be found on the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope they stop granting it to “driftwood” and those who would harm Cayman. Those qualified applicants that love Cayman and Caymanians, and truly want to stay, should be welcomed with open arms. Those who will only become “Caymanians of Convenience” (and we have seen many get through) should be prevented from proceeding.

    • Anonymous says:

      They should really stop granting residency to those Caymanians who add nothing to the country and take everything they can get from it. They are the main problem here.

    • Anonymous says:

      To late I already have it.