Cayman Prep donates books to LIFE

| 06/07/2017
CNS Local Life

Some of the Prep students who helped with the book drive for LIFE

(CNS Local Life): Cayman Prep and High School students collected more than 1,725 books for LIFE (Literacy is for Everyone). Organised by the Key Club at the high school and led by the primary school student council, students were responsible for promoting this event on campus as well as assisting with book-drive logistics.

Books collected are donated to LIFE, which uses them to supplement classroom libraries in the public school system.

“Classroom libraries are vital to engaging children in reading daily, yet many primary schools lack the resources to stock classroom libraries,” said Marilyn Conolly, LIFE executive director. “One of our literacy initiatives is to partner with the Ministry of Education to dramatically improve the quality of classroom libraries in public schools across Cayman.”

Through book drives and cash donations, the aim for every classroom is a minimum of 15 books per child.

“We have set ourselves a goal of 10,000 books per year,” said Conolly. “We are extremely grateful to Cayman Prep for their substantial contribution and would like to thank the Key Club, Student Council, and all contributing Prep families for their stellar efforts.

“We would also like to encourage other oganisations, especially in the corporate sector, to arrange a book drive of their own. It costs nothing to put together and is an easy way for people to get involved.”

The time and energy invested in book drives pays dividends in the classroom where the books are well received by both teachers and students, she added.

In addition to the provision of classroom libraries, LIFE runs a number of programmes aimed at supporting literacy in Cayman’s public school system. These include paired reading, intervention-based education support and parent workshops.

To donate or volunteer, email LIFE or go to its website

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