Unable to find video of PAC hearing

| 23/08/2017

Why has GIS removed the section of TV footage regarding the Public Accounts Committee hearings on the Ministry of Community Affairs on 16 August 2017, from the CIGTV uploaded broadcast on the CIGTV YouTube channel? And who instructed that section to be removed from public viewing? Research shows all other sections of the PAC hearing for that day are there.

Auntie’s answer: I took your question to GIS and it seems that the issue was simply one of timing. Here is how it was explained: “The two parts of the PAC meeting were both uploaded overnight on Tuesday (22 August) and can now be seen in both the uploaded videos and the PAC playlist. The videos were only uploaded to YouTube after the Ask Auntie viewer thought they had already been removed.”

The GIS representative added that it wasn’t clear what the reader was originally watching but the assumption is that he or she was looking at the CIGTV YouTube livestream “which streams the channel’s playlist (recorded or live content depending on what is happening) 24/7. The viewer has the option to scrub back a few hours but of course they cannot get ahead of the programming. So possibly they could see some of the recorded PAC but not exactly what they were looking for.”

The representative stressed, “GIS did not remove any of the PAC videos. The viewer was very probably looking in the wrong place. The videos are now online.”

For future reference, it was suggested that anyone wishing to look at the CIGTV videos go to their YouTube channel and click on playlists. You can check there whether the footage you are seeking has been uploaded.


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