Calendar for Older Persons Month

| 27/09/2017

As of this posting, 26 September, I note that the official CIG Facebook page lists the calendar for Older Persons Month – for October 2012! Why is this page five years out of date, and more importantly, what is the calendar for 2017?? It’s taken me 60+ years to “qualify” for this, yet I can’t find any information on it, less than a week before the start!!

Auntie’s answer: They say that timing is everything and in this case, I certainly agree. While I did send your question on to the relevant departments, later in the day a very fortuitous email dropped into my inbox carrying the information you seek.

I am happy to tell you to click here to see the 2017 Older Persons Month calendar.

However, I would also like to echo your frustration as I found the 2012 calendar you referenced, and nothing later, on the government Facebook page and a 2015 calendar on the Department of Children and Family Services website. Let’s hope everyone will be up to date by the time next year’s observance comes around.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a showing of Logan’s Run next Tuesday.