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Regulations on child labour

Regulations on child labour

| 01/10/2017 | 2 Comments

What age can children start working and is there a restriction on the hours and times? Auntie’s answer: I asked the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) for help with your question. For the first part, an official explained, “There is no minimum age restricting when a child may start working.” However, there are […]

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We have created a new system to help us address questions we receive from the public for the press briefings. We are getting hundreds every day and it’s impossible to read and deal with them while the PB is in process as there are a lot of moving parts to being able to do the Zoom meeting, take notes and respond to their info in real time.

So we are asking people to send their questions each day BEFORE NOON to:

This will give us a chance to read, sort and consolidate the questions so that we get to the issues that people are most concerned about.

Thanks for your help. In the meantime the ones you have sent will be sorted and collated.