Driver wants answers on roadblock

| 21/11/2017

Can you let us know why the police are blocking off the road in the morning that connects you to the Newlands bypass (East-West Arterial) and, more importantly, to Prospect Primary School?

Auntie’s answer: The police have put a roadblock in place to limit access to Poindexter Road in the morning, a spokesperson explained, due to community concerns about traffic congestion as well as drivers speeding along the back roads by the primary school.

Specifically, the plan for now is “to have access to Poindexter limited to residents and those dropping off students only, during the morning commute hours”.

The roadblock is part of a larger plan that the RCIPS traffic department is working on to ease congestion at several bottlenecks, the spokesperson added. At this point, there are no other roadblocks in the works for the area in question.

In addition, there is a community meeting planned for tomorrow (Thursday, 23 November) at which the National Roads Authority will outline traffic plans. The meeting is scheduled for 7pm at Seafarer’s Hall in Prospect. I encourage anyone with related questions to attend.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Careful driver.
    The last driver that wanted to know more about a road block in spotts got out of the car and harassed the police.
    They let him know a bit more than he wanted. In jail. (But he was an idiot anyhow.).

  2. Anonymous says:

    So why don’t they do the same for Prospect Point Road? Only people living there or dropping off at the school should be allowed

  3. Philip crane says:

    Seems that the “plan” has not been communicated to all police officers as I was denied access to Poindexter even after pointing out to the two officers that I was going to drop my child (who was sitting in PPS uniform and clearly visible to them) to school.

  4. Anonymous says:

    People making a right turn from 40 plus mph don’t realize they have to indicate from a longer distance. Their indicator is on to short for the person behind to stop in time or switch to left lane because lane is full or cars going faster then 40 mph. Remember every morning people are speeding to jockey for position to reach roundabout. You need more time or distance to transact if lane is open to switch or if person will ALLOW you to cross over in front of them. Perplexing situation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Poindexter Rd. private property as soon as it gets to Patricks Island anyway? Just have them put up a gate there and it will save some money with no additional need for a police roadblock.