Injured driver wants to use handicapped spot

| 30/11/2017

What if I have a legitimate injury that makes it hard/painful for me to walk but I am not permanently disabled? Can I use a Blue Spot?

Auntie’s answer: Today’s question appeared as a comment on a CNS article about the RCIPS announcing a no-tolerance policy on people who illegally park in spots designated for disabled drivers. The issue is important enough that it merited a separate answer here.

For the situation you describe, you will be allowed to use a handicapped spot, but only if you fill out a form requesting a temporary disabled tag from the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL). Along with that form, you will have to be assessed by a licensed physician in Cayman, who will need to confirm your injury and associated disability by completing the relevant section of the application. You can find more details on this process, along with the form, on the DVDL website.

While on the subject, I would like to commend the RCIPS for this new clampdown, even as I wish this could have happened much sooner. I have witnessed on numerous occasions selfish, inconsiderate, fully able people who think it is fine to park in a Blue Spot since they will only be in the store for a minute, it’s raining, they need to park to eat their lunch or there are plenty of other handicapped spots available. I am sure there are many other ridiculous excuses that have been offered by these drivers for the times they have been confronted for their illegal behaviour.

I can honestly say it would make my day if I saw a ticket stuck on the window of the offending (offensive) driver’s car. And if I saw a police officer writing out said ticket I would not hesitate to go up and thank him or her. It’s about time the misuse of disabled spots went the way of the dodo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When are we going to enforce a law on these big hard as. men peeing on the side of the road?

  2. Katie says:

    Yes auntie, but how long will it take to get the temporary disabled tag? If it take 4 weeks how do you manage during that period?

    Auntie: If you walk in with the form, you will walk out with your tag because the clerks at DVDL will process your request immediately. For people who require disabled plates, the department keeps a supply in stock so clerks simply pull out the next one available and assign it to the customer’s vehicle.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a disabled placard. I took the paperwork to my doctor at the East End Clinic and discussed the matter during an appointment. He signed off. I had his staff emboss the form to confirm his signature. I went from my doctor’s office to the DVDL office in Breakers. They issued the placard in less than 10 minutes. Not sure if it would take longer to issue a disabled Vehicle license plate.

      The process is easy. If you have a disability, even a temporary one, that warrants having a disabled placard or plate it is your responsibility to go through the steps to get the suitable plate or placard before using handicapped parking spots.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s actually very quick. You get the form online, go to your doctor have him fill it out and sign it. Take it to licensing and pay $5 for your tag.

      I did it when I had knee surgery.