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| 26/02/2018

Ask Auntie, Cayman Islands Water AuthorityIn the almost two years since this column began, I have answered hundreds of questions from readers and attempted to find the answers to more. Along the way, I have encountered very helpful and responsive people both in the public and private sector.

I have also found myself spending months and even as long as a year trying to squeeze an answer from a relevant person.

But then sometimes, the stars align and I hit the jackpot. And in those instances, I feel compelled to thank publicly those diligent people who not only answer the question asked, but also do it quickly and even do more than asked.

In that spirit, I am recognising Water Authority-Cayman. In yesterday’s column (see Worried about pollution from mobile car washers), I approached three different entities to get the answer. While all three were very helpful, the representative from the Water Authority proved particularly prompt, but that is not why I am singling the person out.

The representative (they asked not to use their name in the aforementioned column) noted that because of the Auntie question, they would be producing a best management practice brochure specifically addressing the problem of pollution from mobile car washers.

I asked when that brochure might be finished and admit that I was expecting an answer along the lines of weeks or months. But instead I was assured it would be ready sometime this week, though they couldn’t say exactly when. So, imagine my surprise when I received an email early Monday afternoon informing me the brochure was finished and already available on the Water Authority website (here is the link).

Now I’m going to ask naysayers to put aside any initial cynical reactions about whether the options listed in the original column, or the just-released brochure, will solve the problem. At this point, I would like to focus on the Water Authority recognising the need for more information and getting it out there as quickly as possible.

For that I give them an Ask Auntie Award and want to advise the helpful representative (you know who you are) that a prized Auntie mug will be making its way to you.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really, well if the Water Authority would recognise the need for pertinent information on groundwater contamination from the gas station that disappeared from Shedden Road in 2016 they would update their website accordingly.

    God forbid they might be withholding information of who’s specific water supply was contaminated by that mess. Where are the reports substantiating a clean bill of health for groundwater in that area? Also where is proof today that the Water Authority’s main pipeline into town wasn’t impacted? Maybe my queries are too cynical?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a small fry red herring, people should be much more concerned with groundwater contamination cofrom decrepit septic tanks leaking into freshwater bodies. I’m quite sure this is having a major detrimental impact on the health of coastal waters.

    Point source contamination from leaking fuel stations and mobile filling operations is of greater immediate concern. Regarding Water Authority’s handling of groundwater contamination and disclosure on its website, to date there has been no update on the Shedden Road Rubis station leak discovered in April 2016. And who’s water supply was it that was contaminated by the leaking fuel. Was the Water Authority’s main line into town affected. These are questions that should not have to be begged.

    I’m sure the Water Authority is trying its best to disseminate useful information however it needs to prioritise its actions proportional with risk. Now how significant is potential contamination of groundwater from mobile car wash operations compared to potential exposure to fuel in our drinking water and untreated sewage in our ground and coastal waters.

    Maybe it’s a minute victory to send out little informational pamphlets, which also deserves a minute pat on the back. Despite this small victory the battle is far from over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good job Auntie! Unfortunately the brochure doesn’t include noise pollution section.

  4. West bay Premier says:

    The best management practice would work and be beneficial to the environment, if everyone adhere to the rules and regulations and if the regulations were enforced.
    But it is very important to keep all contaminants out of the ground and water and environment . What do we do about mount trashmore in the main time , that is more of a bigger problem .