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| 20/02/2018
CNS Local Life

2018 award winners and press conference panellists

(CNS Local Life): Winners have been named for the 24th annual National Arts and Culture Awards. At a press conference held 19 February, 15 individuals, and one company were cited for their significant contribution to the arts and culture of the Cayman Islands. Minster for Culture Dwayne Seymour, Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn and Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) Artistic Director Henry Muttoo were all on hand for the announcement, stated a CNCF press release.

The winners are Jessica Eden – Heritage Cross Award (Gold), Steve McField – Heritage Cross Award (Gold), Jean-Eric “Notch” Smith – Heritage Cross Award (Gold), Morgan DaCosta – Heritage Cross Award (Gold), Susan Howe – Star for Creativity (Gold), Peter Kosa – Star for Creativity (Gold), Marcia Muttoo – Star for Creativity (Gold), Charles Long – Star for Creativity (Gold), Miguel Powery – Star for Creativity (Gold), Maureen Anderson Berry – (posthumous) Star for Creativity (Gold), Gordon Solomon – Star for Creativity (Gold), Aston Ebanks – Star for Creativity (Silver), Kerri-Anne Chisholm – Star for Creativity (Certificate), Sponsor of the Year – Greenlight RE and Chairman’s Award – Mary Ann Kosa.

“The level of talent that exists on our island never ceases to amaze me,” said Seymour in the press release. “Throughout history art and culture has been used to share the story of a people. I’m so pleased that we have this vehicle to honour those who are telling the story of our people.”

During the press conference, past recipients Horacio Esteban (Star for Creativity [Gold] and 2017 Visionary Award) and Anita Ebanks (Heritage Cross Gold) shared their perspectives on the significance of the award. Ebanks noted that awards allow a society an opportunity to celebrate creators of the art we appreciate, and that it acts as the social justification for supporting the arts. Esteban added that “the greatest thing we can do as human beings is honour our peers”.

Before announcing the winners of this year’s awards, Henry Muttoo reflected on the meaning of the Arts and Culture Awards. “This is about all of us and not being afraid to say we, and our art, are important.”

Recipients will receive their awards at a ceremony set for Thursday, 22 February, at the Harquail Theatre. The winner of the Volunteer of the Year award will be announced on the night of the ceremony; the nominees are Sandra Watler, Tafari Alleyne and Joseph Domingo.

The awards scheme, which began in 1990, recognises artists who have attained a high level of merit in their artistic discipline, individuals who contribute to the preservation of Caymanian culture and individuals and companies who support the work of the CNCF. Nominations are submitted by the public, then reviewed and selected by the CNCF grants and award committee.

The ceremony also serves as the kick-off event for Cayfest, the Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts, which showcases the artistic talent and cultural diversity of the community. Other events planned for Cayfest include Dress for Culture Day (Friday, 23 February) and Red Sky at Night (Saturday, 3 March).

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