Caymanian film crew set to shoot in Cuba

| 20/02/2018
CNS Local Life

Badir Awe (left) and production team holding auditions in Havana

(CNS Local Life): Local video production company Awesome Productions will be shooting a short film, Luna’s Ring, in Cuba next month. The filming is the culmination of almost two years of pre-production in Cayman, Cuba and the US. Throughout this time the producers cleared story rights, auditioned actors, obtained permits and locked filming locations in Cuba for 7-14 March.

The film’s director, Badir Awe, spoke of the process. “What an unprecedented production. We’ve united Cubans, Americans and Caymanians to work on this film together,” he said in a press release. We’re proud to have received the trust of the Cuban film officials to film Luna’s Ring and we commend their commitment to the arts.”

The film is about American writer Jesse who discovers that his lover, Luna, has deceived him and stolen his precious ring. Overcome with anger, he reports her crime to the Cuban authorities, and Luna is swiftly incarcerated and forced to labour in the ruthless, scorching sugar cane fields, stated the press release. Soon after and stricken with remorse, Jesse returns to Cuba seeking answers and reconciliation.

The film is written by Michael Powell, aka “The Big Kahuna” and produced by Tim Bragaw.

The production involves the organising and coordinating of almost 100 people across nine days of prep and shooting. It is based in Havana, but film locations include sugar plantations in the towns of El Gabriel and Madruga as well as the mountain ranges of Pinar del Rio Province.

The production is budgeted to cost $70,000 and Awe is calling on the public to assist with financing. “We urgently need more money and beseech the public for help,” said Awe, adding that despite the progress made on the production they will be “stuck in a bind” without the extra funding.

Luna’s Ring will premiere in the Cayman Islands in September at the Poinciana Arts Festival 2018.

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