Inaugural mobile blood drive sets donor record

| 28/03/2018
CNS Local Life

Youngster shows support for her mother’s donation

(CNS Local Life): The Health Services Authority’s (HSA) first-ever mobile blood drive set a record for most pints donated in a single day. Altogether, 52 pints of blood were donated, with 40 people taking part for the first time and 63 registering to be blood donors. Car City hosted the event and Hurley’s Media promoted the blood drive, which took place Saturday, 10 March.

“This wasn’t your average blood drive,” Car City’s Taylor Foster, who initiated the partnership that led to the event, said in an HSA press release. “The blood bank has held dozens of drives, but it has never before gone mobile by collecting blood onsite. Car City is extremely proud to be among the drivers of such a groundbreaking event.

“Its turnout demonstrated the philanthropic capacity of the people of these islands, all while doing something very important – stocking our national blood bank with the product it needs and one that is used to save lives.”

Operating out of the HSA, the Cayman Islands Blood Bank relies on an average daily collection rate of four pints of to meet the current healthcare needs of the island’s medical facilities, but this is expected to increase. Some of this total is imported from the US when the blood bank is experiencing a deficit due to a periodic increase in demand and a lack of local donations in time of need, stated the press release.

Judith Clarke, HSA laboratory manager, said of the need for blood donors: “In regards to blood supply, the population of the Cayman Islands can sustain itself; however, only two percent of our population donates and ideally we need to achieve five percent according to the World Health Organisation. The hesitation to donate is higher among millennials than any other generational group. This signals to us that greater awareness and promotion is paramount to changing the views this particular group and others have about blood donation.

“Therefore, we are very grateful to Car City Cayman for spearheading this amazing initiative. Their support and partnership with Hurley’s Media allowed us to increase awareness in the community of the importance of blood donation.”

Eric Vincent of Hurley’s Media praised the private-public partnership initiative as one that must continue. “The need for blood is constant and everyone who resides on these islands, at some point in their lifetime, will know someone in need of a transfusion. Victims of accidents, people struck by illnesses, patients experiencing medical complications are examples of those who may need blood. A day may come when even you may need blood. As private sector companies, Hurley’s Media and Car City see the importance of blood donations to Cayman, which is why we support the Blood Bank and hope others will too.”

In appreciation of the community’s support, Car City offered a complimentary oil change on all Car City-brand vehicles at the event. Al La Kebab provided food and a bouncing castle kept children entertained.

“I want to thank everyone who came out to support the first Car City annual blood drive. We plan to further develop our partnership with the Blood Bank by helping to identify innovative ways to increase our islands blood supply. We hope to see you next year,” said Foster.

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