Can an MLA be ousted from office?

| 08/04/2018 | 1 Comment

How do you initiate a vote of no confidence for elected officials?

Ask Auntie, CNS Local Life, Caymanian statusAuntie’s answer: I think your question is about removing Members of the Legislative Assembly from office rather than a vote of no confidence, which can be exercised for the premier. This occurred in 2012, when then-premier McKeeva Bush was ousted after such a vote.

I have previously written about whether MLAs can be removed from office. You can read that column here. I hope it helps.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoever asked this question should be barred from voting. Period. People who think there is a way of undoing the sort of ballot box protest idiocy that happened at the last election are a public nuisance.


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