Students begin financial services education

| 19/04/2018
CNS Local Life

Councillor for Education Barbara Conolly (centre) with (L-R) Baron Jacob, Jude Scott, Bryan Hunter and Rayal Bodden of Cayman Finance

(CNS Local Life): The fourth annual Cayman Finance Student Education and Work Experience Programme launched recently with an orientation event for all of the programme’s stakeholders. Accepted into the 2018 programme were 60 Caymanian students from schools across the Islands, who will participate in 10 weeks of workshops and one-on-one mentorship sessions.

In addition, eligible students will receive work experience placements at Cayman Finance member firms over four weeks during the summer holidays., stated a press release.

Noting that member firms’ support and enthusiasm have been ““fantastic”, Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott added, “We’re building talent for the future. We see the strength and sustainability of our industry as being able to pathway young, talented Caymanians into the industry by blending local talent with international talent, ensuring success way into the future.”

By taking part in the programme, students will be given insight and exposure into the local financial services industry, while building relationships to create pathways for future career opportunities in the sector, said the press release.

Barbara Conolly, Councillor for Education, said of the programme, “It gives students knowledge and experience for them to decide what they want to go off and study when they graduate from high school. I would like to thank Cayman Finance for all of the hard work that they have contributed into this programme to make it a success.”

The initiative is a public-private partnership between Cayman Finance, The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Financial Services.

A total of 28 Cayman Finance member firms are involved in the programme this year, providing either mentors, facilitators or work placements.



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