Five to compete for Miss Teen

| 14/06/2018
CNS Local Life

Miss Teen Cayman Islands hopefuls (L-R) Aliyah Harrison, Triniti Dixon, Caitlin Seymour, Soleyah Greene and Latecia Bush

(CNS Local Life): Five young women have been selected to participate in the 2018 Miss Teen Cayman Islands pageant out of 10 potential contestants who were interviewed. The five chosen met the entry requirements and are set to compete in the pageant, scheduled for 25 August.

“A mix of personalities ranging from bold, adventurous to shy and reserved, each has amazing abilities and regardless of who ultimately wins the crown, they are all future leaders of the Cayman Islands,” organisers said in a press release.

The contestants for Miss Teen are Soleyah Greene (16), representing George Town; Latecia Bush (16), Bodden Town; Triniti Dixon (17), Bodden Town; Aliyah Harrison (17), West Bay; and Caitlin Seymour (17), Bodden Town.

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  1. Adams Apple says:

    Those that have the opinion that this is degrading obviously know nothing about Miss Teen Cayman or Miss Cayman.

    Educate yourself before casting this is a bad light.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How terribly degrading. Will there be a swimsuit competition?