Caymanian filmmaker seeks crowdfunding help

| 10/07/2018
CNS Local Life

Badir Awe talks to the crew during filming

(CNS Local Life): Local production company Awesome Productions has launched a crowdfunding campaign after shooting the short film Luna’s Ring in Cuba. In addition to helping to recoup some of its filming expenses, the money would be used to assist the team compose an original soundtrack, as well as produce a behind-the-scenes documentary on the experience of filming in Cuba.

After two years of pre-production, the film was shot in March this year, with cast and crew from Cayman, the US, Switzerland and Cuba, said a press release.

Director Badir Awe said of the experience: “Filming Luna’s Ring in Cuba was a tremendous achievement by many different people. Now we’re back in Cayman and we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to solicit support for our independent film project.”

The film is based on a true story by Cayman’s own Michael Powell, also known as the Big Kahuna, who starred in the movie. “For me, psychologically, I had to go to a really, really dark place and I couldn’t leave. It was very hard for me emotionally. But conflict makes great film. The best thing that ever happened to me was being the star of Luna’s Ring.”

Throughout the seven days of shooting, the production team had to deal with such issues as missed flights, lost passports, visits to embassies, broken-down cars and trips to hospitals.

“Filming a movie in Cuba afforded us unique behind-the-scenes experiences which we shot on camera,” Awe said. “After the shoot we realised we had exceptional footage showing rare insight into Cuban culture. We thought, ‘Why not produce a documentary about filming a movie in Cuba?’ ”

Luna’s Ring will premiere on 12 October at the Poinciana Festival in Cayman. The original soundtrack, which is being composed by Rayan Fresard, will also be released in October. The behind-the-scenes documentary will premiere in 2019.

There are fewer than 40 days left in the crowdfunding campaign, which can be accessed here.

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  1. Oscar says:

    The above two comments (7:38am & 11:23am) adds to the sad reality that the number one impediment to Caymanian’s succeeding is other Caymanians.

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL. Fund your own hobbies bruh.

  3. Anon says:

    Should have filmed here then!