Checks needed for Public Beach

| 30/07/2018

Is there any update for plans to police ‘Wild West Beach’, formerly known as Public Beach? Unlicensed vendors of all kinds, including wave runners racing through swimmers and onto beach at full throttle. Insurance? No. Chair vendors taking the prime beachfront advising visitors it’s their private area. Used to be a nice friendly beach area. Such a shame.

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Auntie’s answer: The Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) is responsible for ensuring that vendors on the beach possess the necessary Trade and Business Licence to operate. A DCI official explained that Public Beach is part of a plan to conduct continuous visits.

During these inspections DCI checks for licences and will “apply the relevant sanctions” as required by the Trade and Business Licensing Law. The specific mandate for DCI is to confirm that vendors actually possess a licence and whether they have the permission to use the property, in this case Public Beach, from the appropriate authority or department.

In addition, on your concerns about such things as wave runners being rented without the vendors holding the proper insurance, DCI conducts operations in collaboration with the police and other government departments whose remits include these types of issues.

The DCI website maintains a list of companies that hold valid trade and business licences. Here is a link to the list.

For issues related to enforcement, you can email DCI

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The comments have been on point here, it’s all true!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Every single one of the chair vendors need to go. The place looks like a ghetto. Not exactly the high end jurisdiction the Cayman Islands is advertising.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t expect the CIG to do anything about Public Beach, they don’t have the backbone to enforce any of the laws or regulations. They issued a piece of paper to the vendors which now gives them free reign to do whatever they want.

    • Anonymous says:

      When the Government is no longer afraid of its people.

      “Governments should always be afraid of their people, but people should never be afraid of their government.” (Michael Moore’s Sicko documentary)
      “Americans’ fear and hatred of “Big Government” is legendary. But the French will challenge government policy at the drop of a chapeau.”

      So don’t argue for your limitations. Do something about it. Public beach belongs to the people of this country , NOT to CIG. As citizens, you’ve been passive for far too long.