HR analyst earns employee honours for June

| 24/07/2018
CNS Local Life

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presents Employee of the Month certificate to Carol Best-Gould

(CNS Local Life): Strategic human resources analyst Carol Best-Gould has been named Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for June. Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presented the award on Friday, 20 July, to Best-Gould for delivering “exceptional customer experience” to customers of the Strategic & Corporate Human Resources Unit under the Portfolio of the Civil Service (POCS).

As the senior job evaluator of the unit, Best-Gould was “instrumental in creating the position descriptions for the newly formed Office of the Ombudsman, and for posts under restructuring projects within the core Ministry of Financial Services and Home Affairs, the Fire Department, and the Immigration Department” stated a press release.

She began working for the government in 1996 as a personal secretary. In 2004 she was promoted to HR analyst, and two years later she earned the title of strategic HR analyst, the post that she currently holds.

Manderson said of Best-Gould: “Through her work in reviewing and grading job descriptions Ms Carol makes sure that the civil service can attract persons with the right skill sets and equips leaders with an effective tool to hold staff accountable,” he said. “The performance of the Strategic & Corporate HR Unit is vital to the success of the entire civil service and she continues to rise to the challenge by maintaining high standards of performance while delivering with greater pace.”

The deputy governor added, “Your passion for what you do has been noted and appreciated by customers.”

He thanked Best-Gould for her dedication to the POCS, and for “not only making it a world-class portfolio but making a difference in the lives of those it serves”.

Acting Chief Officer Andrea Fa’amoe, who approved Best-Gould’s Chief Officer’s Choice Award (the first level of recognition in the Deputy Governor’s Awards Programme), said, “Carol is deserving of the award. She leads by example. Her passion is to make the job evaluation process more efficient and streamlined.

“A job description is one of the most critical documents an employee can have because it summarises the reason an employee exists within an organisation. We are grateful for the care with which you do your job. Thank you for demonstrating such a remarkable level of performance and commitment to the Cayman Islands Government,” Fa’amoe said.

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