Bothered by septic tank odour

| 02/08/2018

I want to find out why the septic tank at the Silver Oaks complex smells so bad most of the time. Is it a case that it is not pumped regularly? Does the law mandate regular pumping?

Advance ChevroletAuntie’s answer: I cannot give you a definitive reply as to why there is an issue, but I can say that the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) will be looking into your complaint.

A DEH official explained that while it might be possible the tank is not being pumped out regularly, understandably they were unable to address that specific issue without more information.

However, I was told that although the foul odour would be considered a nuisance under the Public Health Law (2002 Revision), the law “does not speak to the treatment of sewage”.

But the good news is that the DEH will be sending an officer to inspect the septic tank to try “to detect the nuisance”. If a problem is discovered, the officer will contact the Water Authority, which “will provide the technical expertise necessary to ensure the abatement of the nuisance”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that septic system was updated after ivan by a bunch of cowboys…