CUC launches apprentice programme

| 10/09/2018
CNS Local Life

Line technician apprentices (L-R) Dennis Ebanks, Jelani McLean, Mario Smith and Nicholas Hydes

(CNS Local Life): As part of an ongoing initiative to maintain a skilled workforce, Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) has partnered with Fortis Alberta to launch a new apprentice programme. Four CUC employees are being given the opportunity to receive specialised training as power line technicians at the Fortis Employee Development Center in Alberta, Canada.

This training is based on a similar apprentice programme led by Fortis Alberta, a Canadian utility provider and a CUC sister company, stated a CUC press release.

Jelani McLean, Dennis Ebanks, Nicholas Hydes and Mario Smith are spending four and a half weeks with an assigned mentor who is guiding them during their studies.

They will explore theory-based subjects in areas such as electric fundamentals, hydraulics, transformers and electrical measuring devices. The employees will also receive practical field work to test their knowledge and help them to gain new skills as part of the curriculum.

CUC’s manager transmission and distribution Robert Whorms said of the programme: “This as another stepping stone at CUC to further build knowledgeable and skilful workers within the company. CUC is committed to training young Caymanians to be the best that they can be and these four employees are getting the necessary exposure and training to become great assets to CUC.

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