PAC members learn about public spending

| 16/10/2018
CNS Local Life

MLAs Austin Harris (left) and Bernie Bush (right) with Mark Dean, symposium chairman

(CNS Local Life): Two MLAs are in London this week attending the sixth annual Public Accounts Committees Symposium and Workshop.

Deputy Speaker Bernie Bush and Councillor Austin Harris, both members of the Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee, are learning how to ensure effective, economical and efficient public spending and delivery of services.

The symposium brings together members of regional and national public accounts committees from across the Commonwealth and British Overseas Territories to equip them with the knowledge and practical experience to achieve those goals.

The primary role of the PAC is to provide financial scrutiny, in conjunction with the Auditor General’s Office, of government spending,” said Harris in a Cayman Islands Government press release. “Its work is essential to building public trust; therefore, attending workshops like these enables PAC members to better understand the complex accounts it scrutinises in order to ensure both accountability and value for money.”

The symposium, which runs from 15-19 October, “covers areas such as scrutiny of public accounts, building an efficient working relationship between the PAC and audit institutions, fostering an environment of value for money, how to measure the efficiency of private and public sector companies that provide services to the public, and assessing the impact of the public accounts committees while holding stakeholders to account”, the press release said.

Delegates to the symposium, who are from Kenya, Ghana, the Solomon Islands, Australia, Tonga, the UK and the Cayman Islands, are being hosted by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies.

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