Photo of mom and daughter wins contest

| 18/10/2018
CNS Local Life

Winning photo of Nancy Barnard and her daughter

(CNS Local Life): Nancy Barnard has won the grand prize of the Cayman Airways 50th anniversary social media competition, after being chosen in a random drawing of more than 500 entries from people sharing their favourite moments on the national carrier. Barnard, who won a pair of round-trip tickets to any CAL destination, is donating one ticket to a friend to visit a loved one.

Barnard’s submission, a photo of herself and her daughter on a Cayman Airways flight to Little Cayman, won her a weekly prize of a Cayman Airways voucher and automatically entered her into the grand prize draw, stated a CAL press release.

“I would like to thank Cayman Airways for 50 years of flying us safely. I’m looking forward to many more trips and more importantly, a lot more memory making. I decided to share my prize with a friend, who could use a flight to spend time with a loved one who is undergoing treatment overseas,” said Barnard.

To celebrate five decades of service, Cayman Airways launched a competition on its Facebook and Instagram pages throughout August and September, asking followers to share their favourite Cayman Airways memory to win travel vouchers and the chance to win the grand prize.

Following a successful Instagram launch last year, the airline recognised the impact of social media with its lively and engaged online customer base, CAL said in the press release. The idea behind the nostalgic competition was for Cayman Airways customers to reflect on the national carrier’s 50 years of service and to share photo memories which were made possible because of the airline.

“We are overwhelmed with the amount of entries to our 50th anniversary competition,” said Olivia Scott-Ramirez, Cayman Airways’ marketing and public relations manager. “It gives us great pride to see so many local and international followers submitting their special Cayman Airways memories. We’ve had a great time reflecting on the past 50 years with our followers and loved the stories which came with each and every entry.”

Scott-Ramirez added that the airline was “thrilled” that Barnard is donating half of her prize to a friend, “epitomising a true Caymankind spirit”.

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