CNS raises profile of job seekers with video resumes

| 02/10/2018

(CNS Local Life): In a recent column, “CNS offers help to job seekers“, Auntie explained how CNS is hoping to give job seekers an additional and positive way to reach potential employers. We are offering space to present video resumes, which is a growing trend worldwide and gives people looking to hire another way of assessing people looking for work while providing those potential hires an extra boost in their efforts.

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Tafari Young

The first person to take up our offer is 22-year-old Tafari Young. Readers can watch his video resume above and read his printed resume here on the CNS classifieds site,, where you can find out how to contact him. Tafari has also created a video explaining how to make a video resume, which CNS will be posting later this week.

His video resume is also posted on the FreeCayAds site, and we’re linking it on CNS Headline News site,, and looking for other ways to put the spotlight on it.

This is a new initiative and we welcome any comments or ideas from readers. We encourage other job seekers to follow Tafari’s lead and send us their own video resume. First, register and add your standard resume to so we can link to it and potential employers can contact you.

Then, you can send us the video or, better, upload it to a platform like YouTube or Vimeo and send the embed code or url of the video to

This platform is only for Caymanians and those legally resident in the Cayman Islands.

CNS note: We have repaired a few bugs in the classifieds site in the registration stage. Apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by them.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice video presentation by the young man. However, regardless of the data protection law soon to be enforced, I would be very hesitant to put my confidential and sensitive personal data such as email address, date of birth, full work and educational history out there in the public domain (on CNS) for the world to see.

    CNS: I think most young people have all that information and much much more on their social media pages, which may be looked at by potential employers. However, it’s perfectly possible to post a limited resume suggesting a full one is available on request.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not everyone is as comfortable and self confident in their appearance to post a video. And not everyone is a first time job seeker in their 20’s..
    It’s an exciting way forward. I applaud you for doing it! Great job!

  3. Anees says:

    Nice presentation

  4. Mr.Young says:

    I decided to make a video resume and I hope this encourages job seekers if they are interested to create one also.
    CNS Post:
    My Video Resume Sample:
    How to make a Video Resume 5 Steps:

  5. Anonymous says:

    So who has access to my video resume? My personal confidential details? My work history? Can only registered businesses have this access? Who is vetting the registered companies? Do I have a say as to who can see it? Who authorizes this access? Is there somewhere I can go to see the ‘rules’?
    I’m not quite ready to throw all those details out to ‘whomever’ is out there…
    Many questions.. I am skeptical about the confidentiality on this so far.
    Thank you

    CNS: Everyone has access to the video if it’s posted on CNS as it’s on a public platform. If you’re concerned about the confidentiality, this is not for you. Obviously by definition, there is none.

    • Mr.Young says:

      I would say its all up to the Job Seeker. If they are comfortable with the video resume and doesn’t have a problem with confidentiality then that’s all up to them. Chances are is that they might get more publicity for job offers and can get their point across easier. It has its pros and cons but it is something new to the Cayman Islands that’s worth giving a try. Cayman Islands is changing a lot and maybe Video Resumes may be recommended by employers in the future. It can also reach jobs that we didn’t know were posted such as opportunities over-seas worldwide where it wouldn’t be as limiting as the Cayman Islands. I would say its perfect for online careers or even Caymanians that are overseas applying for a job back home in Cayman so that they could have a job by time they arrive back. Any thoughts anyone?