History students get photo of John Gray

| 20/02/2019
CNS Local Life
(L-R) Charisse Morrison from the National Archive, Principal Jon Clark, Caribbean history teacher Georgia Harding and John Gray with the official photo (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

(CNS Local Life): Year 11 Caribbean history students at John Gray High School (JGHS) this week received an official photograph of the late Reverend John Gray, for whom the school was named. The occasion was made possible through the efforts of the Cayman Islands National Archive, as well as the loan of a photograph from Gray’s daughter, Elizabeth Scholefield.

On hand to make the presentation, Monday, 18 February, on behalf of Reverend Gray’s family was his son, John Gray, who also taught at the school for several years, said a JGHS press release. Charisse Morrison from the National Archive also attended the handover.

CNS Local Life
Caribbean history students joined the group at the presentation of the photo (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

The brief ceremony “marked a rewarding end to the research efforts of the students who had been visiting the archive for several weeks to acquire practical experience in historical research while examining a number of local history topics”, the release said.

Principal Jon Clark and Caribbean history teacher Georgia Harding took part as well. This year marks 70 years since the establishment of the school and 27 years since it was named after Reverend Gray.

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  1. Cayman Gal says:

    Long overdue. All schools should have pictures of their Founders as young people need to be aware of the people that started schools and actually helped Caymanians build this country and loved it as much as we do. Unlike those that now come to take rather than give. Mrs. Olive Miller who worked along with Rev. Gray and was instrumental in establishing Knox College in Jamaica and Cayman Prep in Cayman should also have a picture displayed at CPHS.