Trinity awards scholarship to two Cayman students

| 20/02/2019
CNS Local Life
Cayman Scholarship holder Zororo Mutomba (centre) with 2019/20 recipients, Carmella Ylagan and Aidan Hew (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

(CNS Local Life): After a “difficult” selection process, Trinity College School (TCS) of Ontario has for the first time decided two Cayman students, Carmella Ylagan and Aidan Hew, would share the Cayman Scholarship. In early January, representatives of TCS came to Cayman to test and interview students entering grades 9-12 who had applied to the school for the 2019/2020 academic year.

The Cayman Scholarship is a merit award that includes full tuition (including boarding) for the duration of the recipients’ studies at the school. The selection of a recipient is not based solely on academic achievement, but also focuses on a candidate’s perceived ability to contribute to the school community, stated a TCS press release.

Due to an “overwhelming response”, the awards committee considered an “exceptional group” of candidates for the scholarship this year, narrowing the field to a short list of six students. “With a difficult time deciding on just one outstanding recipient, for the first time in the history of this award”, TCS named two students to share the scholarship.

Ylagan describes herself as a “person who is passionate [about] doing my best in every opportunity that comes my way”, and this shone through in her interview with the TCS awards committee, said TCS director of admissions Kathy LaBranche in the press release, adding that the student’s “authenticity and commitment to excellence led the way as the committee also considered her great work ethic and her successes to date within academics, athletics, arts and service”. She also displayed “a great degree of independence and maturity”, stated the release.

Hew will be joining TCS as a Grade 11 student in September. In addition to the young man being a scholar, “the committee also saw a very mature and approachable side to his personality which, they believe, will set him up to be a solid role model for his peers and to be a leader in the community”, the press release said.

TCS added that Hew believes “a true leader makes their own path” and his “ability to carve [one’s] own way, inspires others.” The committee saw a “confident, yet humble, young man during the interview who demonstrated a high level of (emotional quotient) when discussing life in a boarding school”.

Hew said he is excited about TCS being his next challenge on his journey “to grow, not only as a student, but also as a person and as a leader”.

The first Cayman students came to the boarding school in the early 1980’s with the TCS Cayman branch now comprising 132 alumni, students, and past and current parents, with 17 students currently enrolled.

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